Virginia Tech



Dr. Bill Price

Associate Professor in and Program Leader for Career and Technical Education at Virginia Tech.  He currently teaches graduate courses in the CTE pre-service teacher education master’s program,  professional development master’s concentration for practicing CTE teachers, and the CTE doctoral program at Virginia Tech. He also serves as an academic advisor for masters’ students and academic/major advisor for doctoral students.

Dr. Price’s research and scholarship includes over 60 publications, including articles, monographs, curriculum guides, books, conference proceedings and concept papers. He has delivered over 60 professional presentations at state, national, and international conferences. In addition, he has served as project director for an international project working towards the development of a degree infrastructure in Zambia for Vocational and Technical Teacher Education.

Dr.  Price holds a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a MS degree in Vocational and Technical Education from Virginia Tech, and a BS degree in Education with a major in Distributive Education (Marketing Education) from Virginia Tech. Bill and his wife, Teresa,  live in Blacksburg, Virginia. They have five sons, one daughter, and six grandchildren.